Last night I dreamed about drinking water followed by a dream about buying a gallon of water from Target…Is there such a thing as water addiction?
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A few weeks ago one of our writers made the following post to Facebook, which had us rolling but also got us thinking about the benefits of water and the consequences of not drinking enough it.

You feel tired, distracted, confused, and even dizzy.

Dehydration can do a number on both energy levels and cognition, making it difficult to stay alert. In fact, it is one of the most common reasons for daytime fatigue. All of the body’s systems rely on the oxygen delivered by our blood to function, and when that blood delivery is challenged by dehydration, none of our organs work at the level they should, causing sluggishness of not only the body but also of the mind [and] leading to short-term memory problems and difficulty focusing. What’s more, research published in the journal Nutrition Reviews suggests that dehydration can also lead to mood changes, including increased anger.

You’re constipated.

An imbalance of fluids can also cause a major backup in your digestive system. “We tend to think of fiber as the primary solution to constipation, but water is equally important. Fiber is like the ‘street sweeper’ of our gut because it helps to pull out toxins, but those toxins can’t exit our system without being flushed out, and for that we need water.

Your skin gets irritated.

If your body isn’t getting enough water, the effects can certainly show on your skin. As New York City dermatologist Sejal Shah has previously reported, dry skin, which lacks oil, is different from dehydrated skin, which lacks water. However, there are some similar symptoms, particularly flakiness, itchiness, sensitivity, tightness, and dullness. Dehydrated skin can also be prone to breakouts and simultaneous feelings of dryness and oiliness.


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