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Squats a.k.a. the perfect exercise

wide stance barbell squat Forget diamonds; squats are a girls best friend. I can attest, first hand, to the transformative powers of this exercise. Not just because I fell in love with my personal trainer turned husband as we got to know each other between squat reps, but because it really is the perfect exercise. You engage your core, back, arms, thighs and legs to make a squat happen AND you are blasting the largest muscle in your body while doing so, which turns you into a fat burning machine. Yet, as perfect as the squat is, it also seems to be one the hardest exercises to master in regards to form. Take a minute and watch the video below, and then get to add this move to your 3-days a week weight workout. You will see a noticable difference before you can even realize what's happening. 

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