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How to Wear It: Fendi + Thierry Lasry Sunglasses

 thierry lasry and giovanna battaglia at the fendi and thierry lasry party

Who doesn't love a collab?! We at COVERINGS definitely do, and this latest team-up of Fendi and Theirry Lasry has us salivating. Bold patterns and oversized frames...yes, please! But, there's an art to wearing fabulous sunglasses.  Check out how to make this must-have accessory the star of your outfit, here.



Here Comes the Bride

You're getting married! What a blessing. But, between "Yes" and "I do" there is a lot to be done.

Planning a wedding is fun and joyous, thrilling and romantic - and stressful. But when it is all said and done, only one thing is at the top of your list...How you look in your dress! That's where SEAMS & THINGS comes in.

The Perfect Gown

The Perfect Fit

The Perfect Bride

Let's face it. No matter how much you love the dress, it is not going to work unless it fits you perfectly. You. Your body...and all your curves! This company prides itself on fitting girls with curves and creating curves for girls who don't. As David's Bridal alterations expert, Marlene, decided to open her own bridal salon, SEAMS & THINGS. Brides experience the same expert service they received from her at David's Bridal.But,by cutting out the middle man and the tremendous overhead, Marlene gives the brides better service at a fraction of the cost. SEAMS & THINGS Master Dressmakers and Fashion Designers come with 35 years experience.

This is the shop you if you are:

• a bride who wants an affordable exclusively designed dress

• a bride who wants a "Look-Alike" dress made

• or a bride who needs alterations on a dress already purchased

It is convenient to find that SEAMS & THINGS is a full service bridal salon where you can receive event planning, event decor and florals, bridal party designs, photography, videography, music, and Ministry services.

Receive complimentary make-up for the bride with appointments made by Friday, March 13, 2015.

For more info click Shop tab on menu bar.

Contact for appointments: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Pastor Kim Blunt on Fashion & Faith

Church On The Rock, pastored by Pastor David M. Blunt and his wife Pastor Kim Blunt, is approximately 27 years old. It is a flourishing multi-cultural church, where people from many nations come together to worship with one voice, as one culture. Exciting, energetic and encouraging, Pastor Kim Blunt is an impeccable roll-model. COVERINGS Editor In Chief, Paulette Whitfield Black, visited with her to discuss views on The Style & The Spirit of contemporary women of faith.

PAULETTE: How do you manage so many diverse cultures?
PASTOR KIM: First I have to say, we don’t manage it. We teach the uncompromised Word of God. They come for the Word. The second thing is the spirit of prayer that is here. We have prayer six days a week. People come to pray for the nations and stand in the gap. It releases a spirit of peace, a spirit of love, a spirit of joy and a spirit of acceptance.

PAULETTE: As a female Minister, how do you see your primary roll in the Body of Christ?
PASTOR KIM: This is probably going to shock you...

PAULETTE: Shock us. Please. It will probably help us.
PASTOR KIM: My first assignment is to make my husband a success. God created me to be that perfect match for him. I’m not perfect, but I am perfect for him.

Read more: Pastor Kim Blunt on Fashion & Faith

Fall 2014 Between Covers

Fashion Pics from Carolina Herrera Fall/Winter 2014 Collection. Photo: Alessandro Lucioni/Imaxtree"



Fall is my five-year old granddaughter’s favorite season. It is fascinating as the earth changes its wardrobe. Before the trees go into what I call hibernation, they do not go quietly, but with a BANG! The brilliant color display is simply magnificent. Red. Orange. Yellow. Lime Green. Rust. Many colors have a translucent glow. These are the hues that artists have attempted to capture for centuries. Fashion designers are inspired by them. But, this is God’s design. We can only stand back, fold our hands and marvel at His 2015 Fall Collection.

Speaking of which, we have pulled from Carolina Herrera’s 2015 Fall Collection for this issue of COVERINGS. Her clothes work well for women of faith.

Our exclusive interview with Pastor Pricellious Burruss appeared in an earlier issue of COVERINGS, but is timeless. As many women as possible, inside and outside the church, should read her profound message. It will help us! She is the pastor of Transformation Christian Church and World Outreach Center in St. Louis, Missouri.

Stay Beautiful,

Paulette Whitfield Black



Emma Stone's Met Gala Look

Yes, I know the Met Gala is over and we didn't cover the fashion. But that's because we love our readers too much to bombard you with images of emaciated celebs and hold them up as the standard for beauty. You know what is beautiful; taking proper care of your body and eating 3 square meals a day. But, I digress...I just had to post this photo of Emma Stone in her Met Gala ensemble. Look at it; it's GORGEOUS! I love pink, who doesn't?! Everything about it works. I know I will be trying to emulate this look all season. The dewy complexion, courtesy of a natural pink gloss, and the perfect balance of highlighter and bronzer—the unkempt side-swept twisted ponytail...It's the perfect hair and makeup job to set off the colorblock outfit.

The faux wrap-skirt construction and high-waist fit are very figure flattering, and the crop top is just short enough to show a sliver of skin, which works well with the "higher" neckline cut. The whole outfit gives the illusion of showing skin without actually showing too much of anything. It's fresh, fun, a great way to wear color and beat the heat while looking polished and pulled together. I'm totally in love! Kudos to Emma Stone's stylist.


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