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2015 Met Gala Best Dressed...Supposedly

09 met gala roter teppich sarah jessica parker 550

The highly anticipated Met Gala has come and gone. The high point of the year for the fashion forward, Vogue has compiled its list of the 60 most fahionable attendees to grace the events red carpet. I have to say that overall, I agree with the round up. However, I could have stood to see less breasts...I mean come on, put a shirt on for goodness sakes, or at least leave something to the imagination. But I have to say my favorite costume was donned by Sarah Jessica Parker. Never one to disappoint, she's just one of those people who gets fashion. Regardless of whether you hate her outfit or love it, you just have to respect the woman for having the guts to wear the things that she wears and more often thatn not being able to pull it off. While I wouldn't be caught dead in her Met Gala get up, I still can't help but love it. The headpiece alone just makes me want to give her a standing O. And then zhushing up an H&M dress on top of that...she's just so fabulous I can hardly stand it!

Anyway, check out the hits according to Vogue and feel free to let us know what you thought was a hit and a miss.

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