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Pastor Kim Blunt on Fashion & Faith

Church On The Rock, pastored by Pastor David M. Blunt and his wife Pastor Kim Blunt, is approximately 27 years old. It is a flourishing multi-cultural church, where people from many nations come together to worship with one voice, as one culture. Exciting, energetic and encouraging, Pastor Kim Blunt is an impeccable roll-model. COVERINGS Editor In Chief, Paulette Whitfield Black, visited with her to discuss views on The Style & The Spirit of contemporary women of faith.

PAULETTE: How do you manage so many diverse cultures?
PASTOR KIM: First I have to say, we don’t manage it. We teach the uncompromised Word of God. They come for the Word. The second thing is the spirit of prayer that is here. We have prayer six days a week. People come to pray for the nations and stand in the gap. It releases a spirit of peace, a spirit of love, a spirit of joy and a spirit of acceptance.

PAULETTE: As a female Minister, how do you see your primary roll in the Body of Christ?
PASTOR KIM: This is probably going to shock you...

PAULETTE: Shock us. Please. It will probably help us.
PASTOR KIM: My first assignment is to make my husband a success. God created me to be that perfect match for him. I’m not perfect, but I am perfect for him.

I try to make his job easier as a Minister. Not only do I intercede for him, but I am involved in about everything. I want him to have time to study the Word of God, and to feed the people. That is his first feed the sheep. I am a “crack filler.” Whatever needs to be filled, whatever needs to be fixed, whatever needs to be done, I get it done.

PAULETTE: Do you have children?
PASTOR KIM: Yes. Two boys, 31 and 27.

PAULETTE: I know they are proud of you. Boys love to have pretty mom’s. Do they compliment you a lot?
PASTOR KIM: faith.
(Lots of laughs)

PAULETTE: The Church has a voice, but we need to be heard in the fashion arena.No one has a better right to speak up. God started it all. He has designers and models who He has called. They are working in other professions, because we have not helped them come forward. That is our job. It is what you are helping us do today...stir up the gifts He has put in people for fashion and style. Talk to us about what looks good. What works. Show us what will not be offensive. We can’t always trust the dictates of the world. Therefore, here is the question. What is your sincere, “from the heart” definition of “Fashion?”

PASTOR KIM: I believe fashion is definitely what’s in style. I love to look at the magazines! I like to look at all of the new styles. I like to go through and pick out things that work for me, and what’s goes well with my personality. I also look for what lines up with my biblical views. Just because someone else says it’s “in,” doesn’t necessarily mean that it is “in” for me.

I want to make God look good in everything I do. Also, I do not want to be a stumbling block to someone else. I have to be in front of thousands of men. I am not to draw attention to myself. I am to draw attention to Christ.

I want to be cool, of course. I want my teenage friends to say, “Hey, that’s our Pastor’s wife. She is cool.” But, I want to be a good representative. When may kids were small, I learned that what mom does to the minute, the kids are going to do to the extreme. Well, we have 250 to 350 teens here. What I do to the minute, those kids are going to do to the extreme.

I have to live a life so that when I’m up front people are not thinking about, “Oh, look at what she has on, but they are thinking about Him. It is all about Jesus.

PAULETTE: It is all about Him, isn’t it?
PASTOR KIM: Yes, and you know it’s so easy. I get up just about everyday before our service and say, “ Okay God, what should I wear today?”

PAULETTE: Do you really?
PASTOR KIM: I do. I pray about it.

PAULETTE: That’s amazing!
PASTOR KIM: I’m not necessarily a fashion guru. I’m a farm girl from Iowa! My graduating class was only 200 kids. The town had 10,000 people! So, you see, I wasn’t born into fashion. I grew up in an agricultural environment.

I had to pray for God to teach me.

He guides me and directs me.

PAULETTE: If you ask, He will tell you?

PAULETTE: The average one of us would not even think that God cared about it. I think He gets a lot of pleasure out of that. It makes Him real in everything that we touch, and everything that we do all day long.
PASTOR KIM: It does.

PAULETTE: Is that how you discover what styles work for you?
PASTOR KIM: I will go through a system. I put something on...pray about it, and God gives me ideas. Some I would never even begin to dream about. And then I go, “Wow, God. That looks good! Thank you.”

When you are so in love with Jesus, you just want to make Him look good. You’re dressing to be a fisher of men. I’m dressing to cause young people to come to Christ. I am dressing to cause ladies to want to know Jesus. I want them to know it’s exciting. It’s life changing. It’s a fun life.

PAULETTE: Pastor Kim, you are talking about fashion and beauty from the inside out.
PASTOR KIM: The greater that you know Christ, the greater that beauty comes through. You’ve seen that person who comes in and excepts Christ as their personal savior. Three months later you don’t even recognize them. They are softer. The lines are gone.

PAULETTE: Do women have an innate need to feel beautiful?
PASTOR KIM: For sure. God put that in us. God gave man an ego. That ego is to protect his family, provide for his family, and to be the head of that family. He made woman to be attractive to man. God wants us to be beautiful. He put us together. He made woman for a man. We’re supposed to attract that man into our life. Then, we get married and become one. We should continue to be attractive to him.

PAULETTE: But we don’t always do that after marriage.
PASTOR KIM: That’s right. We let it go.

PAULETTE: We get lazy?
PASTOR KIM: I believe we get too busy. Cell phones, ipads, name it, we’ve got it. We are supposed to have more time, but we’re just getting busier. We get so busy about the things of this life, that we forget our prayer time, our bible time and our husband time. If we’ll just do the Word; Be that help mate; Keep our priorities right. My first call is to my husband. That calling includes staying nice for him. Being attractive to him. Making him look good.

Your husband doesn’t want to go someplace and he’s got “hag” with him. He’s going to leave you at home. Those girls at work are smelling good. They are wearing their make-up. What is he going to do? Is he going to come home to “hag” or is he going to start looking at the girl who’s over there with no morals and throwing the bait out there?

We have to be smarter, especially in this day and age. If you want to keep your man, you’ve got to be on his team. You have to be that person who encourages him, and looks good to him. Then he’s going to think, “Why would I want that old thing that’s been used up, when I can run home. I’ve got the best thing.”

Take time to encourage your husband. Take time to put your hair up. Put your make-up on. That doesn’t mean spending five hours. You can wear blue jeans or a nice shirt. Just be clean.

PAULETTE: It doesn’t even have to be expensive.
PASTOR KIM: Right. That’s for sure. I got this from Target (referring to her cute leather studded jacket.)

PAULETTE: See. That’s why I like you. It really doesn’t take all of that.
PASTOR KIM: And if you believe God...girl! Life can be so good. If you don’t have a wardrobe, start giving away what you’ve got. God will bring a new one in. Ephesians 6:8 says, “What you make happen for others, God will make happen for you.” We are talking about sowing and reaping. I was given several diamond rings, but I started giving them away. You see I wanted a bigger ring, and in the natural I couldn’t afford to go out and buy one. Therefore, I started to give them away. I gave wedding rings to my mom and all kinds of rings to others. As I did, the rings just kept coming in. What you sow, you reap. One day a girl came up to me and said, “God told me to give you this ring.”

PAULETTE: (Leaning across the table, Pastor Kim shows me this absolutely enormous stone on her finger!) That one?
PASTOR KIM: That one.

PAULETTE: (Awe stricken, I turn to my photographer who moves in for a better look.)
PASTOR KIM: I said, ‘I’m keeping this one!’ But you see, I gave. I became consumed with making other peoples dreams come to pass. Then, God brought mine in. So, never limit yourself to what’s in our pocket book. You’re only limited by what’s in your mouth, and your thinking. If you think small, you’ll have small. If you think big, you’ll have big.

Tapping into fashion and tapping into having nicer things, comes through relationship. Everything goes back to relationship. I have a big collage board. I make one up every year. On it I have an area that says “fashion.” I put the different styles on it that I want to get that year. I put all of my other goals and dreams on there, too. I pray over those almost every night. I say, “Thank you God for “x” amount of people attending Church On The Rock. Thank you God that I am fashionable. I thank you God that my fashion appeals to teenagers.” I have a real heart for teenagers and College-Career aged young people. It is phenomenal watching God answer those prayers.

Again, it’s all limited by our thinking and by what we are saying. If you think you can’t have it, then you can’t.

PAULETTE: Can we help our self esteem that way? Can we help our self esteem that way?
PASTOR KIM: Oh, for sure. It all goes back to your relationship. The more you know Christ, the more He is dwelling inside of you, and coming out of you.

PAULETTE: What do you mean, “dwelling inside of you?”
PASTOR KIM: Well the scripture says Christ liveth in me. So the more you allow Christ to live in you, the more you realize who you are in Christ. Then, you don’t have such a problem with self-esteem, because you don’t have one. I gave myself away a long time ago. So, I don’t think too highly of myself. What you see is what you get. If you don’t like me, I’ll pray for you. I am happy with who I am. He’s my all-in-all. He loves me. He sent His son for me and calls me the apple of His eye.

PAULETTE: How do you find time to pamper yourself with a family and ministry?
PASTOR KIM: I don’t. I think that’s for selfish people. That’s being too concerned about yourself. I’m not concerned about myself. I’ve got a job to do. I have a world to touch. I have lives to change. I enjoy life. Why do I need pampering? I enjoy ever moment. I get up in the morning and say, “Lord, what are we going to do today?” Sure, I have a few bad days, but I don’t allow them to stay long. It’s not my life. It’s His life.

PAULETTE: What is your favorite hobby?
PASTOR KIM: Horseback riding.

PAULETTE: Do you have your own horses?
PASTOR KIM: Oh, yes. I have six. They are so relaxing. It’s a great time to pray.

PAULETTE: Besides Target, do you have a favorite store or designer?
PASTOR KIM: I shop them all. I like J.Crew. I enjoy going into stores.

PAULETTE: I thought you would be a Chico’s girl.
PASTOR KIM: I hardly ever buy anything at Chico’s. I like The Gap.

PAULETTE: You have a very young spirit. You stay fresh.
PASTOR KIM: We are always changing. When you stop changing, you grow old.

PAULETTE: If you had the ear of the fashion industry, what would you say?
PASTOR KIM: What I would love to see are more Christian Designers. I believe that what we have out there is good, but I believe that God is the true creator. I would love to see some incredible Christian Designers come to the forefront. I wish people would back Christian Designers. I think it would be so cool if we had our own Christan stores and Designers. That would be totally out of the box.

PAULETTE: You know that is COVERINGS’ mission; to find them and motivate them. We would love for you to speak at the fashion workshops we are planning with Macy’s.
PASTOR KIM: Yes. Sure. I believe the creativity has not yet been touched.

PAULETTE: What is the healthiest thing you do for yourself?
PASTOR KIM: I try to eat 80% correct.

PAULETTE: 80% correct? I love it that you didn’t say, “I always it oatmeal.” So, we can splurge sometimes?
PASTOR KIM: For sure. I believe that God is a fun God. I just can’t see Him never having a chocolate bar. Come on now. He’s having a banquet for us, and I know there will be chocolate.

PAULETTE: Very good.
PASTOR KIM: I eat organic. I ride about four times a week and I clean my own stalls. I believe work is good for you. I believe manual labor keeps you mentally balanced. Have you ever been around pastor’s wives who never do anything? They are waited on hand and foot. After a while, they can’t relate to the world. I want to be able to relate to that waitress or the person who works all day long on a manual job. I do not want to be so far above people that I am holier than thou. I do not want to forget that there is a real world out there with a real devil. There are real problems out there.

PAULETTE: Do you ever feel intimidated when you stand before thousands of people?

PASTOR KIM: Every week. Every time. I pray for God to use me for His glory. I am nothing in myself. I ask Him to let my words encourage someone; Let them touch someone’s life, Lord and set the captive free. I told you before, it is not about Kim Blunt. Our job here is to help each person make it this week and live a successful life.

PAULETTE: What would you like people to know about Church On The Rock and your husband, Pastor David M. Blunt?
PASTOR KIM: This is a multi-cultural church that loves people. Pastor David. M. Blunt loves people and does an incredible job teaching the Word of God. Our sole desire is to see the city won to Christ, and to see people made successful.

PAULETTE: What would you like people to know about Jesus, Pastor Kim?
PASTOR KIM: How can you explain your very best friend? He is closer than a brother. He is there for you every time. He sees the worst in you and He still loves you. He sees what you can become. He never leaves you. He never forsakes you. He’s your guide. Your director. He wants to promote you. What can you say about that? Why would you not want to know Him?

PAULETTE: How does one get to know Him?
PASTOR KIM: First, you would say, “Jesus come into my heart. Become my very best friend. Become the Lord of my life. I except you as the Son of God.” Then, after praying that prayer say, “Now God, I am willing to serve you.” The next step would be to find a church that teaches the Word of God and get plugged in. It is important to start reading the Bible and praying on a regular basis. It may be difficult in the beginning, but just keep doing it. Eventually, it will become easy and it will begin to flow. You will begin to grow.•



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