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COVRINGS' Fashion & Faith Pick: Minister Dr. Peggy Scott

Minister Dr. Peggy Scott of Peggy Scott Ministries talks fashion and faith with COVERINGS magazine editor Paulette Black

COVERINGS: People refer to you as a “glamorous Minister.” How do you respond to that?
MINISTER PEGGY SCOTT: I am assuming that glamorous is defined as being attractive and exciting. I agree that there is an association or perception of glamour connected with being a female preacher. One’s femininity should not be denied, shunned or hidden because you are a preacher. You are a female who happens to be called to preach the gospel or a preacher called of God who happens to be female. “Yes, we have come a long way baby,” from the days when women preachers tried to preach, and sound like men. In my opinion, the glamour is not one’s physical attributes alone but the “glamorous view of ministry” from without which is a misnomer and misleading.
It is the anointing, the treasure of God’s Spirit within us that others may view as attractive and exciting. We must remain true to ourselves and be as glamorous as we like without taking on a celebrity and competitive approach to presenting the best of who we are. It is what some may describe as a drawing, an attraction which is really the Spirit of Christ within us and that some who are uninformed, and mistakenly give more salutation to the vessel than to the maker of the vessel.
Glamour is more than physical attributes; it’s what you do with what you have; how you package and present your self. Confidence and love; wear them well and people will be attracted to you because of who you are and what you project.
I enjoy shopping for clothes, shoes and cosmetics; always looking for a bargain and a sale. A glamorous preacher? I don’t know. That is for others to decide.
With a little investment we can all be glamorous in our individual unique way. Instead of competing with one another; we can learn to appreciate the beauty within all of us.

COVERINGS: Can you talk about your recent weight loss?
MINISTER PEGGY SCOTT: About five and one-half years ago I underwent gastric bypass surgery. It was a decision I made after consultation with my physician, family and church family. I understood that my life span could increase ten to fifteen years with the surgery. There is a medical history of diabetes and hypertension in my family. I carefully reviewed my options including the possibility of complications resulting in a small ratio of deaths. I finalized my will, met with the Board of Directors of the Church and prepared my heart and mind that something could go wrong. I had a history of not doing well with anesthesia. Almost six years later after reaching my goal and gaining only a few additional pounds I can truly say I would do it again.

COVERINGS: How did you develop your sensational personal style?
MINISTER PEGGY SCOTT: I don’t know whether my personal style is considered sensational or not. I have discovered what works for me and helps me to be comfortable with me and to be true to myself. I have learned to appreciate my life, and that my life is a gift from God. Although I was abandoned and rejected as a child; I saw the intervention of God activated in my life with divine provision as he surrounded me with love from extended family.
I like fashion, shoes, handbags, and bold colors. I have to admit that I have not succumbed to what some may define as protocol, proper attire for women in ministry. I still like my heels, sandals, bronze, glitter and gold. I admit to dressing for myself and not others. Coloring my hair since the age of fifteen is a must do for me. I do not want to wake up, look in the mirror and say who is that looking back at me. I do not care for the acrylic nails, a simple manicure and pedicure works best for me.

COVERINGS: Define beauty.
MINISTER PEGGY SCOTT: Beauty is the inner and outward adorning of oneself that is aesthetically uplifting and pleasing to see, behold and experience.
Beyond physical attributes, we should adorn ourselves with the Spirit of Christ-like attributes such as meekness, kindness…. neither should we neglect to adorn the outer covering that encases the inner man. The inner beauty of an inward work accomplished by the Holy Spirit and is reflected in an outward expression. We are God’s creation and design in the earth, we come in all sizes, shapes and colors; like a bouquet of flowers each reflecting the image and likeness of it’s Creator. It takes the beauty from within to see the beauty in others.

COVERINGS: Is it difficult being single in ministry?
MINISTER PEGGY SCOTT: Being single in ministry has its’ challenges and rewards. It is my opinion, that there exists a cultural bias toward women in ministry; especially women in leadership positions.
It is as apparent as other cultural biases, ignoring the biases is impossible. Acknowledging the biases, but remaining focused and committed to what God has called you to do becomes the catalyst or the engine that keeps you on track, on course. There are still some in our society who do not accept women in ministry leadership positions. Some accept women functioning in some positions, but frown upon them in other positions. It is not my job to persuade you otherwise. You have the right to disagree, but I have the right and privilege to move forward according to my beliefs.
It is God who called me into ministry, and He was aware of my marital status before and after the calling. Several years ago I was married and unfortunately it ended after a few years. At the time of the demise of the relationship I felt that I had failed God, myself and the ministry. A seasoned minister, a matriarch in the gospel, Dr. Sarah Potter Smith counseled me with a grace that could only come from God and said, “God will not allow your mistakes to hinder the plans that he has for your life.” From that day until the present I reflect upon those words of wisdom to grasp insight into the overcoming grace he makes available to us.
On a more personal level maneuvering and managing my life as a single woman has caused me to adopt several points of view. I do not hesitate going into a restaurant alone. I am going there to eat; when I want to socialize around a meal, then I invite others to attend. I do not put off going on vacation or a cruise because I am waiting until some other option becomes available, if ever. I always purchase a birthday and a Christmas gift for my self. I am not in a corner or under a bed sulking because someone forgot or no one remembered. Life is a gift given to us by God; I find that kind of thinking liberating.

CONTACT INFO: Peggy Scott Ministries P.O. Box 3555 Portsmouth, VA 23701 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 206-350-8707

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