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White Winter Fashion

Can COVERINGS pick'em or what. We immediately pulled the Dior gown for our "White Story" line-up at the beginning of the 2013-2014 fall/winter season. When I saw the phenomenal Jennifer Lawrence step onto the Golden Globe Red Carpet in it I knew we were on to something hot! This dress set a trend that almost over shadowed the Awards themselves in the days following. People were even copying the look on their favorite pets. Well enough said. White is definitely the way to go this season. Don't be shy about it either. All of you girls in the cold weather states can finally say yes to a white winter wardrobe. Check out these two gowns by my fav designer Carolina Herrera.

Paulette Whitfield Black COVERINGS Editor-in-Chief

Why We Love It:
Jennifer Lawrence's Golden Globes Red Carpet Dior Gown.

Models in Carolina Herrera white gowns.

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