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After-Six Gowns for Women Over Sixty

Contrary to what major fashion media will tell us, most fashionable women over 60 are not interested in looking sexy in their ballgowns. They want to look elegantly beautiful. Definitely fashionable. Not frumpy. Just think about "everyday women" you know who are 60-90 years old. The truth is, they are not enthusiatic about showing a lot of skin. They have been there and done that, so why is it so difficult for designers and retailers to understand that the majority of the over sixty market are frustrated with selections that primarily feature breast revealing necklines and sleeveless gowns for formal winter evenings out. Unless women are celebs with personal trainers or can afford premium plastic surgery, their tastes run toward sleeves and a not-so-revealng neckline. Sometimes jackets are included in the design, but seriously, who really wants to be bothered with adjusting a jacket all evening? The comfort and look of a one-piece gown is more in demand. Anybody listening out there? I scanned the internet to find a few great options for our Senior Fashionista's. Let me know if you find a few on your own. Stay Fab!

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