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Last week our fearless leader/Editor-in-Chief took in the sights at the FIDM DEBUT show. I for one, can't wait for her to return with a full update of what FIDM's best and brightest have in store for as they launch their professional careers. But until then, check out these pics from the event.

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Olivia Palermo does the overalls trend right

olivia palermo overalls trend rachel zoe report

Overalls have started to make a comeback, and I wasn't sure how I felt about that until I got a look at Olivia Palermo rocking this re-emerging trend. Forget the Blossom and Six overalls trend of the 90s. Olivia Palermo is schooling us on how to make a piece of childhood garb look polished and sophisticated, and I for one am LOVING IT! 

Simply Be Plus Size Denim Overalls

While I will admit this trend can be tricky to pull off for fuller-busted ladies, I think it is a look worth trying.When pulling this look together keep in mind:

  • Elongating your frame is key.
  • Add a rolled cuff and pair that with classic pump to show a little leg and some ankle.
  • Avoid acid washed or overly destroyed denim for this look.

Carolina Herrera asks, How can you be a fashion icon if you’re not wearing clothes?

 elle carolina herrera backstage fashion design board

In a recent interview with the Washintog Post, iconic designer Carolina Herrera said what we at COVERINGS have been thinking forever. 

Jaws need not drop for Herrera to declare a collection a success. In fact, she is disappointed — troubled, baffled — by fashion’s current version of one-upsmanship: the idea that modern is synonymous with show-your-tush.

Some designers think “it’s so modern to be naked or almost naked. They think it’s going to attract younger people if they do those dresses. No!” Herrera says emphatically. “The almost naked! Oh God! They’re trying to get people to pay attention to them. In life, there should be a little mystery.” Herrera turns to the recent Costume Institute gala to make her point. Exhibits A through C: Beyoncé and her bedazzled mosquito netting; Jennifer Lopez in a red beaded gown that was all front and back and no sides; Kim Kardashian with a train of white feathers trailing from a derriere served up for admiration.

“They’re supposed to be fashion icons and they’re not wearing anything,” Herrera says in a tone that is both exasperated and dismayed. “It’s an obsession now.”

Amen, sister! We have always loved the designs of Carolina Herrera, which have been featured on our site and in our magazine several times. But now, I must say that we love her even more for going against the grain and saying what seems so obvious. Put some clothes on! Leave something to the imagination. A woman worth her salt should have an air of mystery about her. Love it or hate it, it needed to be said. Click here to read the rest of this article.


2015 Met Gala Best Dressed...Supposedly

09 met gala roter teppich sarah jessica parker 550

The highly anticipated Met Gala has come and gone. The high point of the year for the fashion forward, Vogue has compiled its list of the 60 most fahionable attendees to grace the events red carpet. I have to say that overall, I agree with the round up. However, I could have stood to see less breasts...I mean come on, put a shirt on for goodness sakes, or at least leave something to the imagination. But I have to say my favorite costume was donned by Sarah Jessica Parker. Never one to disappoint, she's just one of those people who gets fashion. Regardless of whether you hate her outfit or love it, you just have to respect the woman for having the guts to wear the things that she wears and more often thatn not being able to pull it off. While I wouldn't be caught dead in her Met Gala get up, I still can't help but love it. The headpiece alone just makes me want to give her a standing O. And then zhushing up an H&M dress on top of that...she's just so fabulous I can hardly stand it!

Anyway, check out the hits according to Vogue and feel free to let us know what you thought was a hit and a miss.

Stuff We Love: Elie Saab (still)

elie saab designer formal special occasion wedding gown on mannequin bustHello, ladies. We are back delivering more Elie Saab-y goodness in this weeks edition of "Stuff We <3"

Besides being a tall drink of water (sorry, single ladies; he's married) Mr. Saab is a woman's designer. He understands how to design clothes that  make a woman feel like a woman. Blending prints and luxurous fabrics with his attention to detail, we are left with garments that epitomize feminine allure with the perfect sprinkling of glamour. And isn't that part of what makes fashion so great?!

Elie Saab believes you should even run your errands in beautiful attire. I just love that! And it's something to really think about next time you're about to "just run to the grocery store and come right back home." As my daughter says, "It's a slippery slope. You leave the house that way once and the next thing you know you're like that all the time...Don't be that girl." That being said, there is a distinct influence of "sporty ease" in his collection for Spring 2015. His formula for glamour never fails. Here are three of our favs. Find more at

 elie saab spring 2015 prints play mixed patterns hi low hem mullet dress black and white minielie saab spring 2015 formal floor length gown thigh high slit feather skirt of the shoulder dress special occasion  wedding dresselie saab spring 2015 long sleeve blue ombre maxi dress plunging v neckline


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