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COVERINGS debuts Fall/Winter Issue feat. Pastor Nicole Crank on Fox News

 COVERINGS cover model Pastor Nicole Crank of Faith Church

This morning, Editor-in-Chief Paulette Black debuted our latest cover on Fox News at 9 a.m. A wonderful shoot, a wonderful cover, and a wonderful blessing that we were able to put the concept of Faith & Fashion in front of an even broader audience. When you are done "oooing" over how beautiful Pastor Nicole Crank looks and "drooling" over the fur we shot her in, follow the link to see the COVERINGS magazine segment! And don't forget to pick up the latest edition of COVERINGS, out now!

6 Men heckle Lakewood Church's Joel Osteen

Starting upper left, clockwise: Jacob Gardner, Kevin Fessler, Mark DeRouville, Matthew Martinez, Randall Valdez, Richard Trudeau. (Houston Police Department)

Six men from Church of Wells have made headlines for heckling mega-church Pastor Joel Osteen. The 6 men who had been to a previous service about a month before Sunday's incident, waited patiently for Pastor Joel Osteen to begin his service, at which point the heckling began. All 6 men were eventually removed from the service by off-duty officers whom the church hired. 

See the entire story and tweets from the congregation here.

The Back of the Tapestry

Cheryl  Skid 300The Back of the Tapestry

Telling of our successes may leave others feeling wilted, especially if they are not doing well.
They look at that word picture of the success and think, "Nice." But inside thinking, "I can't achieve that or see that happen in my life." But turn over the canvas and it is another story. There are the lines going every which way, the knots, the mess. That is the story that touches hearts. That is the story that gives hope. To show the front without the back is to leave people feeling flattened. To show the back without the front leaves people confused. But together they tell the story of God's purposes.

Here is the front of a recent tapestry. "Our son graduated from a fabulous school, got a terrific job, an adoring wife and is quickly moving up."

What does that do for you? There was one year that I wanted to put my name on ANYBODY'S Christmas letter but mine. That's how bad life was. But I didn't see the back of their tapestries, only the front.

So let me show you the back of that tapestry that looked so breezy. Our son Nathan was born when we were at the lowest scale on the poverty level found in the USA charts. I chose not to work and Neil was having a hard time keeping employment. We had two daughters. The younger was just getting ready to enter kindergarten, so I was ready to go back to work and get some steady finances into the household. But Amy, the older one, started praying DAILY, and continued for a year, for a bald baby brother with blue eyes. God honored her prayer. I was so ashamed to be pregnant and so poor. Some ladies wanted to give me a shower and asked what I needed. How could I say 'everything?' We had given away all baby things and all I had was one t-shirt.

We couldn't afford health insurance, so for the five years prior to Nathan's birth I hadn't had a check up at all. Fortunately, before I got pregnant, Neil got a job and so we did have it for Nathan’s doctor visits and birth. Nathan was an absolute joy! I stayed home five more years because I didn't want day care for him, but then I went back to work and graduate school simultaneously being out of the house too much.I heard Pastor Rose Lamb of Church Alive in Florissant, Missouri talk about 'train up a child in the way he should go' in a way I hadn't heard. She said, "Look for talents in your children and develop them." She was great with that and went every extra mile with her three children. So, I started watching Nathan. When he was in high school I saw something. He loved his history class which not only showcased the past, but how history relates to present global situations. I said to Nathan--(declaration #1): "You are going to be an international journalist." Nathan didn't like to write and didn't have a camera.

To my knowledge he had never taken a photo.

When he was a sophomore in high school I took him with a team I had formed to travel to Sweden, Cyprus, and Israel. A woman in our group, Judy Wilcox, gave Nate her camera to use, and as she looked at the digital photos she said, 'Nate, you have a real eye.' (declaration#2).

Read more: The Back of the Tapestry

Pastor Pricellious Burruss Coverings Interview

coverings magazine fashion boutique"

Editor-in-Chief, Paulette Whitfield Black, talks with her  about ministry and life. Pastor Burruss is pastor of one of the most relevant ministries in the Midwest, Transformation Christian Church and World Outreach Center.

Coverings: Pastor Burruss, you have more men in your congregation than many churches that are pastored by men. Men usually have difficulty following a female. What are you doing differently? What is your secret?

Pastor Burruss: It is not so much of a secret. I praise God for the men who have been in my life. My father has a strong personality, and so do my brothers. I am now widowed, but I had a very strong husband. Therefore, I understand a little bit about men. Men do not want to go to a “women’s church.” They do not have as big of a problem with following a woman pastor as they have a problem with belonging to a “women’s ministry.”

We try to decorate our church nicely, because you see throughout scripture that they decorated the house of God. What we do not do is to make anything look effeminate. It’s just like asking a guy to go into the girls powder room because the men’s is under construction. He doesn’t want to go in there! That is why we do not do things really “girly.”

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Motivation Monday Playlist

Here's our latest list of songs that our keeping us motivated around the office and our minds fixed on Him.

Lead Me To The Cross - Francesca Battistelli
None But Jesus - Hillsong
Run - Addison Road
Let The Church Say Amen - Andrae Crouch feat. Marvin Winans
Jesus In Disguise - Brandon Heath

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