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Diane Keaton Rocks Gray Locks at Golden Globes

Golden Globes Beauty: Diane Keaton's Gray Locks

To my horror, I started going gray at the tender age of 17. (Thanks for that premature gray gene dad and grandmother!)But since hitting my 30's I've learned to love my graying strands and refuse to let my hairdresser cover them with color. That being said, I was completely stoked when I saw Diane Keaton's gorgeous gray locks at the Golden Globes. That wonderful, silver mane against her high-contrast black tuxe was a sight to behold. THAT is how you rock gray...Loud and Proud. Take a note, ladies (and guys). Letting that gray come in is far better than living with a bad dye job. For inspiration on how to "Go-Gray" click here.

Natural Products to Remedy Dry Skin & Hair

Healthy Hair and Skin through the Winter

Is it just us or has this Winter been freakishly harsh? I mean seriously, there was a "Polar Vortex" like every other week. And these record breaking lows are sure to have wreaked havoc on your hair and nails. I can only slather my hands in so much oil before I broke every coffee mug in the office. (Sorry about that guys...) Thankfully, these natural poroducts have come to the rescue. Sure to nurture your hair and skin, check out these 12 products that are sure to leave you looking well-moisturized in time for Spring.

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