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Emma Stone's Met Gala Look

Yes, I know the Met Gala is over and we didn't cover the fashion. But that's because we love our readers too much to bombard you with images of emaciated celebs and hold them up as the standard for beauty. You know what is beautiful; taking proper care of your body and eating 3 square meals a day. But, I digress...I just had to post this photo of Emma Stone in her Met Gala ensemble. Look at it; it's GORGEOUS! I love pink, who doesn't?! Everything about it works. I know I will be trying to emulate this look all season. The dewy complexion, courtesy of a natural pink gloss, and the perfect balance of highlighter and bronzer—the unkempt side-swept twisted ponytail...It's the perfect hair and makeup job to set off the colorblock outfit.

The faux wrap-skirt construction and high-waist fit are very figure flattering, and the crop top is just short enough to show a sliver of skin, which works well with the "higher" neckline cut. The whole outfit gives the illusion of showing skin without actually showing too much of anything. It's fresh, fun, a great way to wear color and beat the heat while looking polished and pulled together. I'm totally in love! Kudos to Emma Stone's stylist.

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